Let Martin construct your new TURN-KEY 65-68 Mustang, 67-69 Camaro ProTouring / Resto-Rod, 55-57 Chevrolet, C10 pickup and more!  We build to your specifications with full frames, modern suspension and brakes/paint/upholstery.  Our M-Tech Performance division can design your dream car from the ground up, or build the component car of your dreams!  Call 336-462-4152 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Superlite Cars

Martin Motorsports is an Authorized Builder of Race Car Replicas and Superlite Cars!


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Race Car Replicas

Martin Motorsports is a preferred builder of Race Car Replicas and Superlite Cars!

race car replicas

RCR 40 Mk1 Mk2The next generation of GT40 replicas only from RCR, using the most authentic GT40 replica bodies in the world.  It has an aluminum monocoque chassis and aluminum front and rear chassis extensions. Accommodates a large range of engine and transaxle combinations.
RCR 70 Mk111B Coupe Spyder An endurance racing legend now available from RCR as a coupe or spyder.  Utilizes RCR's exclusive aluminum monocoque chassis manufactured with state of the art processes for unparalleled accuracy, strength while minimizing weight.
RCR MKIVThe only MkIV Replica available in the world. Using a derivative of the RCR-40 Chassis, the RCR MkIV offers all of the features found in the RCR-40 in with the unique styling and aerodynamics of the MKIV.
RCR P4RCR has melded spectacular vintage Italian styling with modern engineering and production techniques to bring a beautifully engineered P4 replica.
RCR 917** Note: There are two versions of this car - Accurate Tube for Tube or Semi-Monocoque **
The 917 became quite simply the fastest racing car of its era.  It was even faster than it's contemporary Formula 1 equivalents.  The RCR-917 is a faithful reproduction of the 917K with body panels true to the original shape.